8 Myths About Sunbed Tanning Debunked

8 Myths About Sunbed Tanning Debunked

8 Myths About Sunbed Tanning Debunked

At Sunbelievable Tanning in Bishops Stortford, we care about the safety of our customers. Sunbed tanning is a popular way to achieve a sun-kissed look all year round, but there are many myths surrounding sunbed tanning that can lead to unsafe practices. It's essential to debunk these myths and understand the truth about sunbed tanning.

Myth 1: I don't need to wear eye protection if I close my eyes

It is a common myth that closing your eyes is enough to protect them from UV radiation. However, this is not true. UV rays can still penetrate through closed eyelids and cause damage to your eyes. It's crucial to wear proper eye protection, such as goggles or glasses, to protect your eyes from harm during a tanning session.

Myth 2: Tanning lotions are a waste of money

Many people believe that tanning lotions are a waste of money and do not make a difference in their tanning results. However, this is not true. Tanning lotions can help to moisturize your skin and improve the effectiveness of your tanning session. At Sunbelievable Tanning, we offer a wide range of quality tanning lotions to enhance your tanning experience.

Myth 3: Using an accelerator will make me burn

Some people believe that using an accelerator will cause them to burn during a tanning session. However, this is not true if used correctly. Accelerators contain ingredients that help to stimulate the production of melanin, which can lead to a deeper and longer-lasting tan. It's important to use accelerators in moderation and follow the instructions carefully to avoid overexposure.

Myth 4: Sunbeds are the same as sitting in the sun

Many people believe that sunbeds and natural sunlight are the same. However, this is not true. Sunbeds emit concentrated UV radiation, which can be up to ten times stronger than natural sunlight. It's important to understand the risks associated with sunbed tanning and practice safe tanning habits.

Myth 5: You should use SPF on a sunbed

It is not necessary to use SPF on a sunbed as the session is controlled and timed. However, it's essential to avoid excessive exposure to UV radiation and follow safe tanning practices.

Myth 6: A hot sunbed will give me a better tan

Some people believe that a hotter sunbed will lead to a better tan. However, this is not true. Heat does not increase the effectiveness of tanning, and excessive heat exposure can lead to skin damage. At Sunbelievable Tanning, we maintain our sunbeds at the optimal temperature for safe and effective tanning.

Myth 7: Keeping my makeup on won't affect how I tan

Wearing makeup during a tanning session can block UV rays from reaching your skin, leading to uneven tanning results. It's essential to remove all makeup before a tanning session to ensure that your skin can absorb the UV rays evenly.

Myth 8: There are no differences between stand-up and lay-down sunbeds

Stand-up and lay-down sunbeds have different UV radiation distribution, and it's essential to understand which type of sunbed is best for your individual needs. Stand-up sunbeds can provide more even tanning results, while lay-down sunbeds offer a more relaxing tanning experience.

At Sunbelievable Tanning, we offer both stand-up and lay-down sunbeds to cater to your individual preferences.


In conclusion, there are many myths surrounding sunbed tanning that are simply not true. It is important to educate yourself and separate fact from fiction in order to safely and effectively achieve your desired tan. Always wear eye protection, use tanning lotions, follow recommended exposure times, and avoid using hot sunbeds. Remember that sunbeds are not the same as natural sunlight and require different precautions. At Sunbelievable Tanning in Bishops Stortford, we want to ensure that our customers have the best tanning experience possible. If you have any questions or concerns about sunbed tanning, please don't hesitate to ask our knowledgeable staff.


  1. Can I wear makeup on a sunbed?
    It is not recommended to wear makeup on a sunbed as it can clog pores and lead to uneven tanning.

  2. What is the difference between stand up and lay down sunbeds?
    Stand up sunbeds provide more even tanning as there is no pressure on any particular area of the body, while lay down sunbeds can be more comfortable for longer sessions.

  3. Can using an accelerator make me burn?
    Using an accelerator will not make you burn if used properly and in conjunction with recommended exposure times.

  4. Do I really need to wear eye protection on a sunbed?
    Yes, it is crucial to wear eye protection on a sunbed as the UV rays can cause damage to your eyes, even if they are closed.

  5. Are tanning lotions a waste of money?
    Tanning lotions can actually enhance your tanning experience by moisturizing the skin and providing nutrients that promote a healthy glow.

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